Carrier Proposal Comparison Tool

You’ve got two proposals from two different carriers sitting on your desk, each with different service types, accessorial charges and revenue thresholds … which one is better?

Using your actual shipment history, DMG’s Proposal Comparison Tool will enable you to compare each proposal by account, service, zone, weight, accessorial and more.  It allows the user to compare current carrier contracts to alternative carrier contracts/proposals using live invoice data.  The proposal comparison output will identify how a carrier proposal compares to your current rate plan per service, zone, weight and accessorial charge.  The system will identify how the implementation of an alternative carrier contract will affect your bottom line weekly, monthly and annually to the cent.

DMG’s Proposal Comparison Tool can also be used to tell you the real impact of the annual “General Rate Increase.” Though the carrier tells you that the GRI is only 4%, your costs appear to be up 9%? With DMG’s tool you can see exactly where these cost increases hit you the hardest.