Pharma & Medical Devices

Cost-Effectively Delivering Products, Samples and Sales Materials

Competition in healthcare gets more heated every day. The ability for the sales team to reach decision makers with the right information at the right time is critical to success. But how do you deliver the right samples, products and sales materials to the right person at the right time … efficiently? DMG’s direct client experience provides us in-depth knowledge of the shipping characteristics that are unique to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Case Study - Forest Pharmaceuticals

dmg cs forestpharma

Situation: Forest Pharmaceuticals relies on its sales teams having the right marketing materials and product samples at the right place and at the right time. The Company therefore utilized express shipping to ensure the timely delivery of these important sales tools.

DMG Solution: DMG worked with the Company on a comprehensive, multi-part project that included the review of logistics operations, small parcel agreements and shipping rules. DMG recommended and helped implement a number of operational changes and negotiated a new agreement with the existing carrier to reduce the Company’s annual shipping costs by millions of dollars. Forest also utilizes DMG’s auditing service to ensure accurate billing and data management.

Case Study - PSS World Medical

dmg cs pss 0

Situation: PSS was growing rapidly through acquisition, including internationally. Each new business meant new products, customers and distribution channels for the operations team to manage efficiently. The Company had recently negotiated a new agreement with its legacy carrier, but with the new changes wanted to be sure they had a “World Class” agreement.

DMG Solution: PSS turned to DMG to benchmark the Company’s global carrier agreements, in which DMG identified significant savings opportunities. DMG orchestrated an RFP process that led to a new agreement with the Company’s existing carrier that provided incremental annual savings in the millions. DMG was also retained to help optimize the Company’s in-house fleet and its order fulfillment process to facilitate additional cost savings.

Case Study - Align Technology, Inc.

dmg cs align

Situation: Align Technology, Inc. was growing rapidly and finding that the costs of shipping product to and from its dealers (dental offices) was beginning to eat into profit margins.

DMG Solution: DMG utilized existing package-level data to develop a model that incorporated the Company’s rapid growth. This model served as the basis for negotiating a new agreement reflecting millions in savings with the existing carrier. DMG was later engaged again by Align Technology, Inc. to renegotiate its international agreements as well as advise on the consolidation of the Company’s global distribution centers.

Case Study - Invacare

dmg cs invacare

Situation: Invacare’s Business-to-Consumer (B2C) segment was growing so quickly that it was significantly altering the Company’s shipping cost structure, which was traditionally Business-to-Business (B2B).

DMG Solution: DMG worked closely with both divisions of the Company to create a comprehensive model of the Carrier Cost to Serve (CCS), which was used as the basis for an RFP process. Invacare received an aggressive offer from an alternate carrier and was able to realize millions in savings. DMG was actively involved with the Company and the new carrier to ensure a smooth operational transition.