Consumer Products & Services

Seeing Through the Complexity of a Multi-Channel World

As the distribution channels for consumer products & services become more varied, the ability to ship efficiently becomes increasingly complex, particularly in a world of lean, just-in-time inventory management. DMG understands that Consumer Products & Services companies need to ship through multiple channels and to varied destination points; warehouses, stores, dealers and direct-to-consumer. We can help you optimize each component to drive substantial savings.

Case Study - Hamilton Beach Brands

dmg cs hamiltonbeach

Situation: Hamilton Beach Brands broad portfolio of products and distribution channels, combined with a rapidly growing B2C segment, led to a significant increase in small parcel shipping costs.

DMG Solution: Hamilton Beach Brands engaged DMG three times over the last five years to help identify and negotiate new carrier agreements as the business grew and adapted to the market. In each of the three agreements, DMG was able to achieve double digit percentage savings for the Company.