Industry Focused Solutions

We Understand the Dynamics of Your Industry

Every industry is different, every client is unique. DMG's team has decades of senior-level experience managing and analyzing large, complex logistics organizations and we can help you find ways to reduce costs across your organization. Packaging re-engineering, network optimization, site selection, modal analysis, technology RFP review ... these are just some of the examples of projects on which we were engaged by our clients.

Retail & eCommerce

So when did shipping become free? It certainly is not free to you, the eCommerce merchant. In fact, because of the competitive dynamics of the industry, what was once a small profit center has now become one of the largest cost items on your P&L. So how long will it be before shipping is free all the time, every time … BOTH ways? DMG can help you manage these costs in a rapidly changing environment, putting you back in control of the shipping equation. [ more information ]

Pharma & Medical Devices

Competition in healthcare gets more heated every day. The ability for the sales team to reach decision makers with the right information at the right time is critical to success. But how do you deliver the right samples, products and sales materials to the right person at the right time … efficiently? DMG’s direct client experience provides us in-depth knowledge of the shipping characteristics that are unique to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. [ more information ]

Consumer Products & Services

As the distribution channels for consumer products & services become more varied, the ability to ship efficiently becomes increasingly complex, particularly in a world of lean, just-in-time inventory management. DMG understands that Consumer Products & Services companies need to ship through multiple channels and to varied destination points; warehouses, stores, dealers and direct-to-consumer. We can help you optimize each component to drive substantial savings. [ more information ]

Financial Services

In a highly competitive Financial Services environment, small parcel shipping is often seen as just a necessary evil. But when you ship thousands of packages a month for loan closings, due diligence documents, agreements and other important documents, all of via express delivery, the costs can be substantial. DMG can help financial services companies optimize the shipping equation – getting sensitive documents to the right people at the right time without overspending. [ more information ]

Other Segments

DMG’s breadth of experience across industry segments provides us a big picture view of what “World Class” really means. We leverage this experience to deliver substantial cost savings to a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit entities. [ more information ]